HABRI Collaboration

Project Title: Creating a Unifying Ontology for Human-Animal Bond

Funded by: HABRI Foundation
My Role: Project Consultant
Start Date: January 2013
End Date: November 2013
Description: I collaborated with HABRI (Human Animal Bond Research Initiative) to help further develop the HABRICentral (http://habricentral.org/) web portal for open research and collaboration into the relationships between humans and animals. This portal leverages the HUBzero platform. One of the main challenges to discovery, access, production, preservation, and collaboration of human-animal interaction research is the lack of a common language between a disparate number of disciplines, including veterinary medicine, psychology, gerontology, and education, to name a few. I worked to create a taxonomy/ontology development plan for the web portal that can be used in the greater HAB (Human Animal Bond) community.

Other Outputs:

Project Proposal

Taxonomy Development Plan

Grant Proposal to NIH