Data Education Working Group

Project Title:  Data Education Working Group

Sponsored by: Purdue Libraries
My Role: Chair
Start Date: January 2013
End Date: December 2014
Description: This group focuses on creating resources and learning activities to empower and support Purdue Libraries faculty in their increasing responsibilities and work in data management planning, research and collaboration, reference and consultation, outreach, and instruction. The goals and activities of this group include:

  • Supporting training and consultation efforts for data management planning
  • Facilitating training of Purdue library liaisons in research data-related skill sets as both owners of data and research collaborators
  • Mentoring Purdue library liaisons in data-related work via one-on-one or group consultations
  • Developing, maintaining, and promoting online resources and tools to support both general and specific user groups
  • Participating in the development of learning opportunities to build and expand knowledge and skills in relevant areas
  • Acting as a forum and advisory group for new and innovative practices, experimentation, and trends in research data management
  • Serving as a communication conduit for exchanging and sharing information about data-related projects and initiatives on- and off-campus
  • Recommending guidelines or best practices for leading data-related discussions with disciplinary faculty